The naked truth of the nude resorts

There’s a naked truth about nude or clothing-optional resorts.

Walking naked in front of strangers can feel weird at first, but it is something that everyone at some point of our existence must experience, believe what I tell you.

A few weeks ago, due to work and the demands of destiny, I had to go visit a nudist resort in Cancún.

For someone like me this is rare, I have not always been a badly behaved girl, and my resume is not as vast in this area as I would like. My experiences are reduced to my years in art school, wherein the nude anatomical drawing classes, the pupils had to take turns modeling for the rest of the class, even with the empty pockets to hire a professional model sometimes, we could not offend to the muses and copying nudes from books, no sir, so we had to pose as the creator threw us into this world in the pursuit of learning.

My other experience was when I went to a nudist beach that we visited because of curiosity in a road trip, a day in which it was so cold that I just wanted to put on my jacket again and forget the experience. Also, I think that doesn’t count since there was hardly anyone in that secluded place.

I soon realized that, regardless of my resume of nude experiences, being naked in such a sexually charged place turned out to be much more challenging and, in turn, I admit, it took me out of my comfort zone.

A bit of the rules at these resorts

Guests have the option of staying on the “nude” or “clothing optional” side of the resort. The place requires topless nudity at all times. In the “optional” area, guests can use as much (or as little) as they like. However, there is one rule: Nipples and genitals must be covered in dining areas. You don’t want to confuse papayas and eggplants.

People who frequent these places come from all lifestyles. Singles and couples visit these places because they want to be in an open-minded, adults-only environment. In some cases (on the clothing-optional side), they may never take their clothes off, which is fine. Then there are those who are into the “lifestyle” (also known as swingers), they can live out their fantasies, no matter how “mild or wild” they may be. Still, others may simply be drawn to the resort’s bare surroundings and remain strictly monogamous. That’s fine too. Regardless of what people want to explore, nude resorts provide a non-judgmental environment for people to seek pleasure, all with consent and full respect for each other’s bodies, of course.

Discovering new sexual horizons

Until now, my sexual endeavors had been tied to specific social events and planned scenarios. Part of the success of these places -as a frequent user I met told me- is the idea and the sweet freedom of being able to have a spontaneous orgy in your room, receive oral sex in a pool lounger, or have literal sex in a shared jacuzzi any time. You feel like a child in a very (erotic) candy store tempted to try all the flavors of fun.

You can also leave the place as virgin as you arrived because if you don’t want to interact and just want to enjoy the atmosphere, that’s fine too.

Still, after hearing that, I feigned at least a little restraint since I was “at work” during the visit, so I kept as low a profile as possible for the first few days. However, as days went by all that changed, my stress disappeared, my inner sexual self was able to properly shine and I was hooked, I was able to make platonic friends, find fascinating people, and a big part of that is spending time naked with insightful people; related, involved or not in something sexual.

You cannot believe that you are at the pool bar with tequila in hand talking about the weather, politics, business, soccer, debating some interesting topic, or any trifle being totally naked without anyone caring, all within an environment of total respect.

Enjoy and make the experience yours, that’s what it’s all about

While it may take some time for you to get comfortable with the ever-present displays of sexual affection around you, you eventually come to recognize and may come to like these kinds of places.

You can be naked (or not), wear glitter on your nipples 24/7, dress up in outrageous costumes for theme nights, and discover your sexually fearless self without judging or shaming others. These escapades can make you feel strong and sexy and give you a boost of self-confidence.

I had never seen so many penises and vaginas together, beautifully tanned bodies, old bodies full of experiences, operated busts, natural breasts, small and large, tattoos and uncovered scars, gym-shaped bodies, and others not so much.

Now for me, the concept of a normal vacation has totally changed.

The point is that the experience is much more than sex. It’s about being accepted for who you are without judgment and having the freedom to explore your fantasies. Throughout my stay, I was surrounded by open-minded, warm, and welcoming strangers who made me feel like I belong. These free spirits come from different parts of the world, from different socio-economic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and political views. You can meet doctors, politicians, mothers of families, well, even some sweet grannies were out there. The common denominator is shared respect and a sense of open-mindedness.

Regardless of everyone’s history, race, appearance, or sexual orientation, clothing-optional or nude resorts offer a place to feel accepted for who you are.

Getting naked in front of strangers is a great equalizer. And that is a naked truth.

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