How is the experience of receiving an erotic massage?

First, you need to take a shower. Alone, or with a masseuse, it’s up to you, but water is an excellent conductor of energy and hygiene is important, not just for the masseuse but for your confidence during the session and it is underwater jets that the first negative emotions disappear.  Next, the masseuse will slowly begin to massage the most problematic areas of the client’s body. Erotic massage should bring the client to the brink of complete relaxation when feelings are sharpened to the limit, and every touch begins to excite. This is a struggle of opposites, on the one hand, relaxation, on the other a strong excitement, which ultimately translates into a powerful orgasm.

Erotic massage is a whole art, an extraordinary philosophy of love. It should be performed efficiently and beautifully. Not only men can enjoy it, but also women and half of humanity… I suggest. The main thing is the desire to enjoy, relax, enjoy, and be able to feel your body. After the process, you will not be the same and you can get rid of the complexes that confused you earlier.

It is not related to sexual contact and it is not rough primitive sex, as some belief. It is aimed at the sexual rapture, which is achieved through exquisite and gentle caresses. In addition to the beneficial effects on health, this procedure calms a person, and therefore positively contributes to his emotional component.

The atmosphere always plays an important role in a relaxation massage session no matter the place, if it’s in a salon or in the comfort of your room or a hotel, the masseuse should try to offer service at the highest level, which means that the client is already immersed in the world of attention and care from the very threshold of the entrance. A comfortable couch or bed, dim light awaits him in the massage parlor. Nothing should distract the person from receiving pleasure.  Further, relaxation massage offers to conduct, coupled with some additions. For example, if you include elements of prostate massage or vagina, then relaxation takes on a completely different meaning, and the emotions from what happened will simply go through the roof.

The most interesting thing is that relaxation massage, designed to relax a man or a woman, at the same time excites him/her. Ejaculation, like the final chord of the whole action, crowns a complete thrill, which some clients did not expect to receive.

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